3 suspects named in SW Bakersfield shootout

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Police on Friday identified three suspects from a shootout earlier this week in a southwest Bakersfield neighborhood.

One woman, Stephanie Watson, was shot in the leg during the exchange of gunfire.

A group of people went to a home overnight Tuesday on Escondido Court and started a "disturbance," according to police. Watson and her boyfriend, Christopher Nilsen, live at the home, near Ashe and Harris roads.

Both Nilsen and at least one of the people in the other group had a gun.

Police said they have since arrested Charles Griggs, Gerardo Felix and Javier Campos, all 19, as suspects in the confrontation and shooting.

Police said their investigation has revealed that all of the suspects are members of the "Blasting On Crews" graffiti-tagging gang. Nilsen and Watson don't appear to be involved in any gang activity, police said.

The motivation behind this attack is still under investigation, according to police.