Animal shelter accidentally kills family pet

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) A Bakersfield woman's 3-year-old dog was accidentally euthanized last week at the city's new Animal Care Center.

Eyewitness News first learned of the incident through the owner, Bree Dedmon, and it was later confirmed by city and shelter officials.

The city has admitted fault and taken responsibility, according to both parties, and one worker has been relocated.

Dedmon's dog, Capatcho, was picked up as a stray due to a lack of identification after Capatcho bit the neighbor's son on Oct. 8.

Capatcho was later turned into the shelter for the standard 10-day quarantine period to check for possible rabies and other vaccinations.

The dog was later identified by Dedmon at the shelter, and she was told he would be available for pickup on Oct. 19.

The dog was put down after the quarantine period, because an owner for Capatcho was never documented by the shelter staff.

Dedmon had visited her dog in the shelter multiple times during the quarantine period. When she arrived Oct. 19 to take her dog home, she received the disturbing news from a staffer.

"Went in Saturday ... all excited," Dedmon recalled. "She said ... 'I'm sorry. They put him to sleep yesterday.' I said, 'What do you mean?'"

Following the notification of death, police were called into the shelter to help staffers with Dedmon, according to one center official.

The shelter and the city have issued an apology to Dedmon, who said she wants to alert people of the incident.

"Until I got Potch, I never understood how people could be so close to their animals," she said. "I just mainly wanted to get the word out, and for people to know that his life meant something and he meant something to his family."