Are you a self-gifter this holiday season?

Who are you really shopping for this holiday season?

If you've bought an item or two for yourself, you may not be alone.

According to CNN, it's part of a growing holiday shopping trend called self-gifting.

The average holiday shopper is expected to spend almost $738 this year, about $130 of which will be spent on items they won't give away to others. That's a jump of 45 percent over the last decade.

Georgetown marketing professor and Consumer Psychologist Prashant Malaviya said online shopping has made it easier to shop for gifts, but also for some self-indulgence.

"I think over the last decade or so it has increased significantly, and retailers have started to take notice of it over the last few years," he told CNN.

Younger shoppers appear to be leading the trend, by taking advantage of some of the best deals of the year.

However, Malaviya said self-gifting has not overtaken the spirit of the season just yet, and many people do it in addition to whatever shopping they would have normally done.