Bags of dead dogs found in southeast Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) -- Bags of dead dogs were discovered in southeast Bakersfield after a volunteer from a rescue group saw a post on Craig's List and decided to see if it was true. Bakersfield Police are now investigating.

The executive director of Marley's Mutts said Teresa Maston, who is part of the Mutt Militia, called him Tuesday morning and told him about the post she had seen online. Zach Stowe said he met Maston at Cottonwood Road and East Pacheco and they began hours of cadaver recovery.

"The dogs did not all appear to have been victims of foul play," said Stowe in a Facebook post, "in fact, several had no wounds and appeared to have died calmly..."

Some of the dogs were in plastic bags, others were simply dumped in the area. A total of 18 dead dogs were recovered as well as two bags with dead fighting cocks inside, said Stowe.

A larger dog appeared to have been there only a short time and may have been involved in a fight or attacked by several dogs.

Bakersfield police and Animal Control Services were called to the area and animal service removed the carcasses.

Police Sergeant Joe Grubbs said people do not need to illegally dispose of animals, dead animals can be dropped off at no charge at the animal shelter on Mount Vernon Avenue.