CSUB sets timeline for moving to semester system

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) California State University, Bakersfield is looking at the fall of 2015 to go back to the semester system and do away with the current quarter system.

The student newspaper made the announcement Wednesday afternoon on its Facebook page, quoting a memo from school president Dr. Horace Mitchell: "Our target date to complete the conversion to semesters is Fall, 2015."

The content of the CSUB Runner post was confirmed by school spokeswoman Irma Lancaster.

Most schools use the semester system. The quarter system allows for more course offerings, but CSUB is one of six CSU campuses that made the switch under the former chancellor. The transition back aims to have all 23 schools under the CSU system operating in a like fashion to make it easier for transfer students and administrators.

CSUB originally planned to make the transition in the coming school year, but according to a Runner article posted on May 1, cost is the main factor holding up the switch.