Dad of missing woman: 'I call her my little sweet pea'

WOFFORD HEIGHTS, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - A family is left with many questions after their loved one went missing two weeks ago. The woman was last seen leaving her home in Wofford Heights.

Brandi Tanner's family has been hanging up flyers all over the Kern River Valley. They said Sunday that every time they get a lead about the woman's possible whereabouts, it goes cold.

The 22-year-old woman is a mother of two young girls, and the family said as the days pass, they get more and more worried because they said she would never choose to leave them behind.

"I know my daughter. She wouldn't just disappear willingly. I know this," said Dan Tanner, the missing woman's father.

Dan Tanner said his daughter has been missing for two weeks. She was last seen leaving the family's home the morning of July 7 after getting into an argument with her brother. The family said the argument lead Brandi Tanner to want to take a walk so she could clear her head. She never returned home.

"There is as many possibilities as the mind can conjure. Until I see her body, then as far as I am concerned she is alive somewhere," said Dan Tanner.

A search-and-rescue effort was held for Brandi Tanner around Lake Isabella on Saturday by the Kern County Sheriff's Office.

"(They) went all down by the lake searching all the paths for any sign of clothing, you know, anything, and they just came up empty handed," said Dan Tanner.

The woman's sister Wendy Tanner said the hardest part is not knowing her where she is or how she is doing.

"I thought maybe she might have had a heat stroke that morning or that night, but then they did the search and the rescue and didn't find anything. So I don't know what happened," said Wendy Tanner.

Dan Tanner said his daughter has two young girls of her own, who she'd never leave behind.

"We think she was kidnapped. That is the only thing that makes any sense," said Dan Tanner.

He said he just wants her to return back home.

"I call her my little sweet pea. She is a very loving person. She just has a heart of gold like her mother. She would do anything for anybody, at any time," said Dan Tanner.

If anyone with any information on Brandi Tanner's whereabouts is urged to call the sheriff's office at (661) 861-3110. A reward has also been offered by the Tanner family's church for anyone with any information that leads to her being found.