Delano to offer reward for info on murder

DELANO, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - The residents of Delano are so angry at the death of one of their own that they're joining in the fight to find the man's killer.

John Espinoza, 88, was found dead in his car last week. Delano residents are still coming to grips with his murder.

Councilwoman Grace Vallejo called Espinoza a pillar in the community.

"He was very well loved and cared for," she said. "He always opened his door to anyone who needed help."

Now, police Chief Mark DeRosia needs the same community to open up and help solve Espinoza's murder.

"We're conducting a major criminal investigation and have reached a roadblock," said DeRosia.

So, the city is opening its checkbook, introducing a reward for information that leads to Espinoza's killer.

"There's no more info they can come up with," said Vallejo, "and the chief can go to the community and say we're offering a reward for any leads."

DeRosia said sometimes citizens need coaxing to come forward with information.

"Money will help to do that," he said.

City officials are still working out how much the reward would be.

Anyone with information on the death of Espinoza can call the Delano Police Department at (661) 721-3356.