Elderly vet still on brink of losing public assistance with current housing

CORRECTION: The original version of this story stated that Bill Quigley would lose Section 8 financial support entirely if he were to fail his final inspection. This is only true at his current address, meaning Quigley would be eligible for Section 8 support at a new residence.

(KBAK/KBFX) A retired Korean War veteran in need of a new stove to meet Section 8 housing standards in Bakersfield received a newer stove from his apartment owner Friday but is still at risk of losing federal financial support towards his rent.

Former Air Force cook Bill Quigley's stove top, which had only three working burners, failed a recent housing authority inspection and was replaced with the owner's newer stove, which also has only three working burners.

Section 8 housing standards require all appliances to work as designed to, and if Quigley does not receive a properly working stove by June 14, he will likely fail his final inspection and lose out on his Section 8 funding, according to Stephen Pelz, executive director of the Kern County Housing Authority.

Several Eyewitness News viewers offered to give or buy Quigley a new stove after an initial investigation, but his apartment owner - who has not commented on the issue - offered to give him a working stove.

"I got a nice place here, there's nothing outside there. I don't understand," Quigley said. "They didn't' say anything until after the stove problem."

Quigley said the apartment owner is now seeking to evict him, though no official notice has been served.

"I cry, believe it or not. I shouldn't have to do this," Quigley said. "I shouldn't have to go through this baloney, for crying out loud."

If Quigley's apartment fails the final inspection, Pelz said he will no longer be eligible for Section 8 financial support at his current residence, though his eligibility will continue if he moves.