Eyewitness sees woman abandoning dead man's vehicle

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - The timeline of events is very strange when it comes to this case. The body of 45-year-old Todd Chance was found just a few hours after he spoke to family, and just 30 minutes after a woman saw his 2011 black Ford Mustang dropped off in front of her home.

A woman, who would like to remain anonymous, said Monday that she saw another woman park what she described as a nice car, and just walk away.

"I saw a lady pull up in a black Mustang, park it, fumble around in the car for a minute or two, get out," she said.

That car belonged to Chance. On the other side of town, just 30 minutes later, Chance was found dead in the middle of a farm Sunday morning.

"She was about 5-6, 140 maybe 145 pounds. White girl with a cap on," the witness said.

By 9:30 Kern County deputies were called to a farm off Enos Lane off the dirt extension of Noriega Road, where a field worker found the body lying on a farm.

"They had checked that field earlier that morning, two to three hours prior. They rechecked that field at about 9:30 a.m. (Sunday) morning, and that's when they located the body," said Ray Pruitt with the Kern County Sheriff's Office.

Chance was shot, according to the sheriff's office.

"We don't know if this crime occurred where his body was located, or if it occurred at another location and his body was dumped at that location," said Pruitt.

Sherene Garcia also lives in the neighborhood where the car was found, and she said she feels the person who abandoned the car parked it there intentionally.

"That man couldn't have parked his car there. Why would you pick that place out of all places? Somebody who knew that that's a spot, basically that is abandoned, had to do that," said Garcia.

And other neighbors are suspicious of where the car was parked, as well.

"I can't see her just picking a spot, and all of sudden finding an abandoned house and just park her car there," said the woman who asked to remain anonymous.

This investigation is ongoing. If you have any information on this suspicious death you are urged to call the sheriff's department at (661) 861-3110 or Secret Witness at 322-4040. Anonymous text tips can also be sent to TIP411 (847411). Just type the keyword "KCSO" prior to the message.