Gathering, prayers mark National Crime Victims' Rights Week

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Hundreds of people turned out at the Liberty Bell in downtown Bakersfield to observe National Crime Victims' week. They stood shoulder to shoulder listening to speakers tell stories of how the loss of a loved one has impacted their lives.

"Most of us don't know each other, but we all have something in common," said Elaine Covert.

She is the daughter of 81-year-old Dorothy Session, who was severely beaten in her house during a home invasion. Two suspects have since been convicted of her murder. Cover recalled getting the call informing her that something was amiss at her mother's house.

"When we got there they were loading her into the ambulance. You could barely recognize that she was my mom," said Covert.

Others expressed frustration that justice has yet to be done in cases that have gone cold, with no arrest and no closure for families.

"We have not forgotten you," said Kern County District Attorney Lisa Green when she addressed the crowd.

"Trust me when I tell you that law enforcement agencies are working those cases with the resources that they have available," said Green.