General Information

Information about One Classroom at a Time: One Classroom at a Time is helping the public school teachers of Kern County!

We are giving away a $1,000 award monthly throughout the year to classes in our viewing area. Teachers, if your class is in need of money that would enrich your students' learning experience, apply for this grant!

Proposals will be evaluated and judged by an advisory board.

General Information: All awards will be based on the overall score of the judges' individual scores. Each proposal will be read by at least three judges. You may submit more than one award proposal. If your proposal is not chosen, you may re-submit your Grant proposal as many times as you wish.

Criteria for Award:
1. Who can submit: Any public school teacher in the Kern County area of Southern California in the viewing area of KBAK-TV or KBFX-CA.
2. What the $1000 must accomplish: It must directly affect the students' educational learning experience.
3. Reasons for award: Academic Enrichment.
4. "Preschool through 12th grade classes only."

Proposal must include: (You may apply on-line by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.)

1. Project Description. Send us no more than three typed pages - or you can submit your proposal on-line by clicking on the link below.
a. Describe the proposed program or project.
b. Identify the needs/problems to be addressed, target population and number of people to be served by the project.
c. Describe, in detail, the project goals and objectives, and your plan to meet them.
d. Evaluation: How will you show that your project has reached its goal.
e. Provide a timetable for implementation. Implementation must be within 90 days of receiving the grant.

2. Detailed Project Budget - Your budget must be close to $1000. If your project requires more than $1000, please explain how you will get any funds above the grant award. Please give us details of your budget. How will you spend every dollar that you receive if you get the award?
a. Attachments - Any ancillary material necessary to your grant proposal.

Questions? Contact:

Lindsey B. Taylor ( or call
(661) 327-7955 ex - 235
29 The Eyewitness News Station
E-mail questions to: