Get Ready: 10 minutes to escape disaster

TEHACHAPI, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) May 28, 2000, is a day Kristy Winnett-Tranmer has never forgotten.

It was the day a series of 10 tornadoes threatened the area surrounding her Arlington, Texas, home.

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"That was the closest we had come to really feeling afraid of natural disasters," said Winnett-Tranmer.

She and her family now live on a quiet street in downtown Tehachapi. There are no tornadoes there, but the storms haven't left her memory.

"It made me realize that I'm a mom, and I need to be prepared," she said.

Jack Winnett, 11, wasn't born yet during the Texas tornadoes, but he isn't waiting for the next disaster to get his family prepared.

He took it on as a school project.

"In robotics, we're doing nature fury," he explained.

It took him just a week, and a little help from mom and dad, to put together a full disaster preparedness kit.

We're about to see just how prepared the family is, when we give them just 10 minutes to gather the essentials and get out!