Gym more than just a haven for bodybuilders

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - As the high school sports season rolls around, athletes are preparing to get that extra edge over their opponents.

Locally, business owner Kyle Jean has offered his services at his gym Pinnacle Performance Institute.

Athletes can go and train, bettering themselves for their upcoming season. And, adults can take part in workouts to prepare for the sport of life.

Located at 6610 Downing Road in Bakersfield, the institute goes beyond the typical gym.

There are dumbbells and free weights. But what Jean is implementing goes beyond that.

"You need to not just be stronger. You need to be more mobile, more flexible," said Jean, a Stockdale High School graduate. "You need to have the coordination, the core strength in your movements to get ready ..."

Jean played baseball at Cal State Northridge and eventually earned his master's in kinesiolgoy from San Diego State.

It was through his own playing and training that Jean developed his philosophy that he's now implementing.

"We get to make them move in ways that challenge their balance and challenge their core through every movement," he said. "Where you don't really get that in isolation machines in a gym.

"Body builders do bicep curls, or isolation lifts... In sports you're always using your entire body as a unit."

For more information on Pinnacle Performance, visit, call (661) 374-FAST or email at