Man admits to killing grandmother

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) The man held in the shooting death of his grandmother in northwest Bakersfield on Sunday admitted to the killing during an interview with Eyewitness News on Monday.

Dylan McNabb, 19, said he used a rifle to shoot his grandmother, 78-year-old Imogene McNabb, once in the head at a home on the 10900 block of Mohican Drive.

"Yes, sir, I did," Dylan McNabb said after he was asked if he shot his grandmother.

"It wasn't her. It wasn't her normal self. She was saying she was the Antichrist. She was going to kill me. And I felt that she was going to hurt herself or hurt me or hurt someone else if I didn't do anything about it," the grandson said from Kern County jail.

McNabb said he was acting in self-defense because his grandmother had become possessed by something and had been acting unusual on the day of the shooting.

"She treated me good, normally, up until that day," he said. "I could hear her voice everywhere I was going. Like her voice was speaking out of her mind almost. It was such an evil thing."

McNabb was arrested shortly after the shooting by Bakersfield police, who found him walking down his block. He has not yet been charged in his grandmother's death.

McNabb said he smoked marijuana prior to the killing. Christina and John Manuel, family friends, told Eyewitness News that Imogene McNabb was staying at the residence to help Dylan McNabb with a drug problem.

"She told us, the dad told us, he brought her down because Dylan basically listened to grandma and didn't listen to anybody else," Christina Manuel said.

"Dylan and his grandma were really tight. They communicated good with each other," John Manuel added.

Dylan McNabb said he has no remorse for the killing.

"I feel like I saved the rest of my family from hell. I don't have any regrets. None whatsoever," he said.