Man rescues woman from freeway overpass

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) A Good Samaritan saved a woman from plummeting to her death early Wednesday morning.

Max Coryell was stopped by a frantic pedestrian while driving home from a friend's house. Once he got out of his car, he discovered a woman hanging from the outside of a fence on the Wilson Road overpass of Highway 99.

"She looked like she had gotten into something that she couldn't get out of, and she didn't have much time left," Coryell recalled later Wednesday.

He immediately called 911 and then grabbed onto the woman's fingers as hard as he could so she wouldn't slip.

"I thought I heard her say when I first got there, not to watch her fall," he said.

Falling wasn't something Coryell even considered as an option. He said he heard the woman's fingers popping and was afraid he had broken some of her bones, but he needed to keep a strong grip on her.

The holes on the fence were too small to get his hand through, so he had to hold onto the woman, finger over finger until help arrived.

A few minutes later, police arrived and cut a hole in the fence with bolt cutters, and the woman was pulled to safety.

"I give all the credit to them. Without the bolt cutters, I would've had to have gone over the fence," Coryell said. "I don't know how long I could've held onto her."

The woman was immediately taken to the hospital.

"They said we saved her life," Coryell recalled the officers saying.