Online deal leads to robbery, police chase and shooting

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) A strong-arm robbery Wednesday afternoon at The Marketplace on Ming Avenue led to a police chase and an officer-involved shooting.

Two parties had an agreement made online for the transaction of an electronic device. Police didn't specify what was being sold.

The two sides met in the parking lot of The Marketplace, but the "sellers" allegedly robbed the buyer of his duffel bag of cash. The buyer was not hurt in the robbery.

The robbery victim called police. Minutes later, police spotted the suspects at Ashe Road and White Lane.

Three of the four suspects bailed from their car in the parking lot at the Meineke Muffler shop. An officer shot at the driver when he allegedly made a hard U-turn and drove at the officer.

The car chase kept going, reaching 100 mph, until the suspect skidded to a stop near Ashe and Stockdale Highway.

The driver of the suspects' car was identified as 23-year-old Eric Miles Jr. He suffered moderate injuries in the shooting, police said.

Police also said the stolen money was found in the car.

One of the suspects who ran off on foot, 29-year-old Brandon Burns, was found and arrested. He had injuries consistent with jumping fences, police said.

The other two robbers, who have not been identified, remain outstanding.