Police: Grandmother killer possibly high on bath salts

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) An official with the Bakersfield Police Department confirmed to Eyewitness News that the man who admitted to shooting and killing his grandmother on Sunday is believed to have been high on bath salts, an illegal synthetic narcotic, at the time of the killing.

Dylan McNabb, 19, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to one charge of first-degree murder. He is currently being held on $1.5 million bail.

McNabb admitted to Eyewitness News during a jailhouse interview on Monday that he shot his grandmother, 78-year-old Imogene McNabb, once in the head after he believed she had been possessed.

The shooting happened at their home on the 10900 block of Mohican Drive in northwest Bakersfield.

"It wasn't her. It wasn't her normal self," McNabb said. "She was saying she was the Antichrist, she was going to kill me, and I felt that she was going to hurt herself or hurt me or hurt someone else if I didn't do anything about it."

Bath salts are synthetic drugs that can contain many different illicit chemicals to skirt current laws. The drug can also force users to hallucinate.

"Some of the effects of bath salts would include ... hallucinations, paranoia, delirium," said Steve Kruitbosch, a substance abuse counselor at Bakersfield Recovery Services. "A bath salt abuser might develop thoughts of homicide or violence against someone else."

John and Christina Manuel, family friends of the McNabbs, told Eyewitness News that Dylan McNabb would often do the drug with their son, 19-year-old Patrick Manuel, who is currently in a rehabilitation center for treatment for a bath salt addiction.

"It destroys their lives. Everything he has is gone," John Manuel said. "Just takes over the family, takes their mind over. They absolutely don't know what they are doing on this stuff."

His wife, Christina, warned parents to look for signs of drug usage in their children.

"My message to parents is keep an eye your kids. If you see them acting strange, out of the ordinary, if they're acting paranoid, if they're not going to school, they're just acting crazy, find out what's going on with your children," she said.