Police: No sex assault took place at Bakersfield College

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Police said Tuesday afternoon that reported sexual assaults on the Bakersfield College campus didn't happen.

The school sent an alert just after 1 p.m. that two assaults had taken place last week. By 3:45 p.m., police spokeswoman Michaela Beard said, "Based on our investigation, no crime has occurred."

According to the earlier story from BC, a female student was assaulted twice by the same man Wednesday afternoon.

Eyewitness News asked Beard if the report was a hoax, but she declined to directly answer the question. Beard referred any other questions to BC.

Amber Chiang, the school's director of marketing and public relations, said police told her that sex acts took place, but the sex was consensual.

The student filed the sexual assault report Friday with police. Officers notified the school Tuesday morning of the investigation.

According to the student's police report, as conveyed by BC, the student was approach by her attacker on the north side of the Student Services building. The man walked the student to the bus terminal on Panorama Drive, then to the Fine Arts building, where he sexually assaulted her in the men's restroom in the pottery locker room.

The student also reported that she was assaulted a second time by the same man after she left the Fine Arts building. He reportedly walked the woman to the Student Services building's first-floor concourse, where he assaulted her a second time in the men's restroom.

In BC's midday alert to the public - before police determined no crime had taken place - the school said "without specific information on the suspect's identity, it can be assumed that conditions continue to exist that may pose a threat to students and staff at Bakersfield College."