Police: Photo shows man in inheritance scam

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Police released surveillance photos Thursday of a man suspected in a common scam: The suspect approaches a victim in public (usually an elderly person), offers a fake story about having a large amount of money he is trying to give away, and convinces the victim to drive him to a bank, where the victim ends up giving the suspect money.

Victims in these scams come to believe they will be paid handsomely for helping the suspect.

The suspects often say they are from another country or say they must accomplish some noble task to receive a large inheritance. Two suspects often work together on these scams, playing off each other's fake story.

Two such incidents occurred this week: Tuesday outside the Costco on Rosedale Highway and Wednesday at Home Depot on Ming Avenue.

Anyone who recognizes the suspect in the photos is asked to call police at (661) 326-3541. A photo of the suspect's car was also released by police.