Rundown: What to watch on C-SPAN's Bakersfield Weekend

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - C-SPAN is celebrating Bakersfield this weekend.

The network will air its Bakersfield Weekend segments nationally Saturday and Sunday. Filming took place in early June.

Network official Justine Jablonska said during the filming that they routinely shoot segments about small- and medium-sized cities that allow the rest of the country to get to know those communities.

Two blocks of programing will air on Book TV (C-SPAN 2 on Bright House Networks, standard-definition channel 91, high-definition channel 1091) and American History TV (C-SPAN 3 on Bright House Networks, standard-definition channel 92, high-definition channel 1092).

The Book TV block airs Saturday at 9 a.m. and will feature, according to C-SPAN:

-- Learn about former slave and entrepreneur "Biddy Mason" from author Camille Gavin. After Mason gained her freedom, she worked as a midwife and began purchasing real estate in California, obtaining a net wealth of $300,000 in the 1890s.

-- Learn about the founder of Bakersfield, Col. Thomas Baker, and the legacy he left behind from Sandy Mittelsteadt, author of "Colonel Baker's Field: An American Pioneer Story"

-- Visit Russo's Books with co-owner Michael Russo. Russo's Books is a family-owned and operated bookstore and has been a Bakersfield staple for almost 30 years.

-- Hear author Mark Martinez talk about his book "The Myth of the Free Market." Learn about some of the myths surrounding the free market and why Martinez believes the 2008 financial crisis will occur again.

-- Hear the story of the Black Okies - a group of African-Americans who migrated to rural California from the South, following the cotton trail West, from author and former Los Angeles Times writer Mark Arax in his book "West of the West."

-- See the private book collection of Chris Brewer. For the past few decades, local historian Chris Brewer has amassed a collection of over 40,000 books and ephemera dealing with the history of the San Joaquin Valley.

The AHTV block airs 2 p.m. Sunday and will feature, according to C-SPAN:

-- The Bakersfield Sound. Hear the music of the Bakersfield Sound and learn how this raw, musical style tells the story of the Dust Bowl and post-World War II migration to California. Inside Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, former Buckaroo Jim Shaw talks about the hay-day of this country music style, and hear from reporter Robert Price about the origins of the Bakersfield Sound and the people behind this cultural movement.

-- Hear about Bakersfieldian Chief Justice Earl Warren. See the collection of archived materials related to his time as a student at what is now Bakersfield High School. Learn about the landmark cases that faced the Warren court and how his decisions impacted the country.

-- Tour Kern County's Pioneer Village, a collection of over 50 buildings representing the history of Kern County through the 19th century. Museum Curator Lori Wear takes us inside three of the homes, talks about the families who lived in them, and explains how their stories represent the growth of Bakersfield throughout the late 1800s.

-- Explore the History of the Kern County Oil Industry. Kern County generates 76 percent of all the oil produced in California and is the largest oil-producing county in the United States. Tour one of Bakersfield's oil fields, and hear from Bakersfield historian Jeff Nickell about the discovery of oil there in 1899 and learn how the oil industry has grown throughout Kern County.

-- Learn about the Life of Dolores Huerta. Civil rights activist and labor leader Dolores Huerta, who co-founded the United Farm Workers with Cesar Chavez in the 1960s, talks about how they fought to improve working conditions for field laborers in California. Hear Huerta talk about her career as an activist and her role in activism today.

-- Learn about Col. Baker, founder of Bakersfield, who was attracted to the area by the prospect of developing land. Hear Baker's great-great-grandson Chris Brewer talk about the life of the colonel, the family's legacy in Bakersfield and how the city selected its name.

-- Learn about the 1952 Bakersfield earthquake. Hear local historian Chris Livingston talk about one of the largest aftershocks ever recorded in California. See a collection of video and images of Bakersfield taken immediately after the event, and hear from a local who was 12 years old when it happened.