Sheriff's office: Deputies shoot dogs to save man, woman

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Kern County deputies shot three dogs they say were attacking two people Thursday morning.

The incident happened at apartments on the 800 block of Washington Avenue in Oildale. The sheriff's office said a man went to an apartment looking for his son, who was living there with a tenant. As he approached, he was confronted by the dogs, two of which attacked him, the sheriff's office said.

A neighbor woman heard the commotion and grabbed a shovel to help the man, but she was attacked, too.

Deputies arrived quickly and found the people on the ground in a backyard area being attacked, according to the sheriff's office. Two deputies opened fire, killing two of the dogs. The third dog was shot and wounded so badly that it was euthanized by Kern County Animal Control.

The man and woman suffered moderate to major injuries from numerous bites on their arms, torso and legs. The sheriff's office said the wounds aren't life-threatening.

The owner of the dogs wasn't home at the time of the incident.