Speeding cars a concern at city's newest spray park

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - Lori Taylor lives near the intersection of Columbus and Auburn in northeast Bakersfield.

She said for the past two years, speeding cars have been a major safety concern.

The spray park at Siemon Park is Bakersfield's newest summer attraction, and a big draw for children.

"Since the spray park opened, the cars are coming through faster," said Taylor. "And when they come to the stop sign here, they just keep on going when they're supposed to let the other car turn in front of them."

But, Ryan Starbuck of the Bakersfield roads department said his office is aware of the issue, and the spray park is likely not a factor.

Accidents in 2012 were minimal.

"We evaluated the intersection back when school was in session, which is when traffic volumes are higher," said Starbuck. "For 2012, we had three accidents at the intersection."

Still, Taylor fears for the safety of pedestrians, and wants the city to install speed bumps and a left turn signal.

"They've got to respect that there is a speed limit and to drive slowly," she said.

Starbuck agrees the major issue is irresponsible drivers, but said a left-turn signal would cause delays.

"Residents have thought, 'Hey, maybe a protected left turn would help.' We don't want to do that, unless there is a real safety issue, because it makes the intersection less efficient," he said.

However, Starbuck said his office does plan on conducting new research.

If you have a traffic safety concern, call the public works department at (661) 326-3724.