Witness to officer-involved shooting: 'I'd say about 10, 11 shots'

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Neighbors say they heard a number of shots fired, and one man ended up with bullet holes in a fence and his car after a confrontation between Kern County deputies and a suspect Sunday.

But, sheriff's officials aren't saying much about the incident that happened in the 3300 block of Pioneer Drive.

"I saw a patrol car pull up, and the officer ran toward the backyard," Phillip Ramos told Eyewitness News on Monday, pointing to a brown house across the street.

There appears to be a house in the front and a back house, and perhaps some second-story apartments along the alley.

Ramos said after spotting the deputy, a few seconds later he heard gunfire.

"You just heard gunshots going off, and like 20 seconds later you hear one more gunshot, and then multiple (patrol) cars pull up," Ramos described. By that time, he'd grabbed his cellphone and started getting video of the incident.

The sheriff's department released a statement, which says deputies were involved in an officer-involved shooting incident that started at about 6:14 p.m.

"Sheriff's detectives responded to the scene and have initiated an investigation into the shooting incident," the statement reads. "During the shooting one suspect was struck by the deputies gunfire. The suspect was transported to Kern Medical Center and is being treated for moderate injuries."

Next to the brown house, neighbor Carl Walker heard the shots fired.

"I thought it was fireworks, at first," Walker told Eyewitness News.

The neighbor said officers soon arrived and told him to stay safely inside the house. His house faces the alley. At first, Walker thought the shots were fired farther down the alley, but once he got outside he found bullet holes in his wooden fence.

He pointed to a couple fresh holes in the wooden slats next to his driveway, and a couple dings in the side of his car. Walker also said a pistol was later found nearby on the ground in the alley.

"It looked like it might be chrome, like a .38," he said. The neighbor said an officer took the gun.

Across the street, Ramos said he spotted a woman run from the scene.

"The lady that lives in the front (house), she ran across the street to the church," he said.

Several people in that brown house told Eyewitness News no one in their family was home at the time of the incident. One woman said she thought it might have happened in the alley. There's a fence between the alley and the back of that property, and the neighbor next door said part of that fence was broken down during or after the incident.

Ramos said he thinks a number of shots were fired.

"I'd say about 10, 11 shots, and then a single shot about 20 seconds later," he said. "Like an end shot, to end it."

Ramos said he didn't recognize the person who was shot, though he didn't actually get a good look.

"By the time he came out, he was on a stretcher," the neighbor said.

Another neighbor on Pioneer Drive said officers came to their house later, and asked if everyone was OK. Officers had several blocks of Pioneer sealed off for several hours Sunday night.

The Kern County Sheriff's office said none of the deputies involved was injured, and a spokesman said no more information was being released on Monday.

Ramos said the incident unfolded just as he was leaving the front of the house with his younger brother and sister.

"I just pushed them back inside, because I didn't want them to get hurt," he said. Ramos and other neighbors say now, they just want to know what happened.