Woman uses pit bull to keep deputies from children

OILDALE, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) A woman was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping after taking two of her children out of school against court orders and using a pit bull to keep deputies from checking on them.

The sheriff's office was called Wednesday morning after the woman picked up her four children from Beardsley School.

A sheriff's spokesman said the woman wasn't supposed to have unsupervised visits with two of the four children.

Deputies went to the woman's home on Higgins Drive, but the woman refused to let them inside. Sheriff's Sgt. Dustin Downey said when deputies made their way in, they found the children huddled with the pit bull, and the deputies called animal control to subdue the dog.

Once the dog was removed, the mother was arrested and the children were taken into protective custody.

Downey said the kids were distraught, but deputies consoled them and no one was hurt.