Amanda Bynes: 'I have an eating disorder'

Former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes has getting a lot of attention for her strange tweeting behavior in the last few weeks, but last night, the troubled actress used the social media platform to drop a bombshell: She has an eating disorder.

Bynes, who has had numerous legal problems and demonstrated erratic behavior in public, didn't mince words; after tweeting that she was "suing certain blogs and magazines" for claiming that she has a mental illness, because "they take pictures anytime I've gained weight then write a fake story," she simply explained her weight gain as follows:

"I have an eating disorder so I have a hard time staying thin."

Bynes, whose weight has fluctuated greatly throughout her career in the spotlight, didn't go into details about her disorder, but did go on to advise websites to stop using bad photos of her when writing articles.

The television and film actress most recently gained attention for a particularly dirty tweet about artist Drake.