Julianne Hough leaves $100k in jewelry in car where, surprise, it was stolen

When Ryan Seacrest gives you $100,000 worth of jewelry, you probably shouldn't leave it in an unlocked car, but then, hindsight is 20/20. Seacrest's girlfriend, "Footloose" star Julianne Hough, recently learned this lesson the hard way when, TMZ reports, she left three pieces of jewelry estimated at $100k in her car...where it was promptly stolen.

Hough was reportedly visiting a friend in Hollywood when she left the baubles, including a $50,000 watch, in her unlocked Mercedes while she visited a friend's apartment. Upon returning to the car, Hough found it "wide open" and ransacked. Naturally, the jewelry was long gone.

Seacrest and Hough have been rumored to be making wedding plans for months, but have yet to confirm an engagement.

But the loss isn't quite as financially devastating for Seacrest as it would be for the rest of us -- the television personality's net worth is estimated to be around $200 million, with an annual salary of about $65 million.