Murph at the Movies: 'Iron Man 3' observations

Happy Friday. It's "Murph at the Movies!"

Today's feature presentation: "Iron Man 3."

As always, these are just some spoiler-free observations I made while watching. Take 'em or leave 'em.

-- I don't know if I like it or hate it, but California is much more punctual with movie times than anywhere else I've ever lived. Everywhere else you can slot about 15 minutes for ads and previews, and still make the opening credits. Last night I got to an 8:30 show at 8:36 and caught the tail end of the final preview.

-- Speaking of opening credits, I'm not even a comic book nerd, but if you don't get goosebumps when you see that opening Marvel Comic montage, you are WAY cooler than me.

-- The opening includes an awesome Y2K joke and an awesome Jon Favreau haircut. He looks like a fat Barry Melrose.

-- Have you ever Skyped or FaceTime'd someone who didn't know how to correctly Skype or FaceTime? Of course you have. One scene in this movie perfectly captures that technology struggle.

-- The acronym for one of the companies in the movie is A.I.M. To that I ask you A/S/L? (if you don't get that you're not my age, it's that simple). #hey #hey #whatsup #nm #u? #nm

-- Tony Stark's reaction to the battery life of his suit is the exact reaction I have to the battery life of my cellphone. Five percent power? Panic! PANIC! Panic, crash and burn in a Tennessee snowstorm.

-- Best line in a movie full of good lines: "You know what keeps going through my head? Where's my sandwich?" That'd probably be my high school yearbook quote if I was a senior in high school right now.

-- Full Disclosure: I saw "The Avengers" and slept through like 80 minutes of the middle. Here's my question: Isn't Iron Man part of The Avengers? Why don't they help him? There are multiple conflicts in the movie where a second superhero could've really helped. Some friends they are.

-- Is it sick that I watch this movie through the lens of "How would Eyewitness News cover this?" I mean, Scott Pelley would absolutely have network cut-ins, but the next day we'd have Carol covering reaction, Jose covering the Mandarin's motivation and me on the kid in Tennessee's school lunches. #EyewitnessNewsInsideJoke

-- In a world without superheroes Tony Stark would've been an AWESOME science teacher.

-- Val Kilmer, Jude Law, Brad Pitt's less famous brother - these are the people I thought Guy Pearce was before I figured it out. Honestly it might not have even been Guy Pearce, I'm just too lazy to IMDB it. **Ed. Note: I asked Aaron Perlman today, it was, in fact, Guy Pearce.**

-- Same goes for the only other woman in the movie besides Gwyneth Paltrow, who I thought was Aubrey Plaza like 16 times.

-- If you dress up as War Machine for the Fourth of July, you are a true American hero. There hasn't been a more patriotic wardrobe since Juelz Santana in the "Dipset Anthem" music video.

-- In the real world I'm sure being an Air Force One stewardess is a fine job with great benefits. In a comic book world where a wormhole from another planet just opened over New York City and superheroes fought aliens? Yeah, thanks for the job offer. Sorry, I'm steering clear of getting on a plane with the president.

-- My theory about superhero movies: They are only as good as the villain is bad. Its why "The Dark Knight" is the best, and it's why I fell asleep during "The Avengers." At the end of the day, the superhero is going to win. It's how close that villain has you to thinking the superhero might actually lose that makes a great superhero movie. This movie has a believable villain that touches on raw human emotion.

-- Does it crack the pantheon of best superhero movies? Probably not, but it's smart, action packed, has good characters, some twists and its really really funny. Totally worth seeing.

Final Grade: A -

If you made it this far, you rule. What should I see next?


This movie review is only the opinion of one man, reporter Tom Murphy, and doesn't necessarily reflect the opinions or observations of KBAK/KBFX Eyewitness News.