Young singer hopes to tune out bullying

{A href=""}BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) A Nashville girl has made her way to California, hoping to bring her anti-bullying message to Kern County schools.

Bailey Dozier, 11, isn't even a teenager yet, but she's already been on the wrong end of bullying.

"I was personally bullied," Dozier said. "It's a huge thing hurting children and adults everywhere, and I just want to help make it stop."

So, she's started singing about the harmful effects of bullying.

Her anti-bullying anthem is titled "BBT," an acronym for "be bold, be brave and be totally you."

"I made this song so kids that are being bullied know they're not alone," she said, "and that they can stand up for themselves."

Dozier is hoping to bring her 45-minute anti-bullying assembly to Kern County schools next year.

"If they're having fun while getting their courage and learning about the harmful effects of bullying," she said, "I just feel like it sticks to them a little better."

For more information to have Bailey Dozier perform at your child's school, you can call Karen Waller at (661) 327-4141.