Vandalism on the rise in downtown Bakersfield

Graffiti is seen on a pole in downtown Bakersfield, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

Graffiti has long been a problem in Bakersfield. It's unusual to stumble upon a building that hasn't been vandalized at some point in time.

The Bakersfield Police Department reports that vandalism offenses have nearly doubled in downtown since 2015.

Local Adam Cohen has started to take notice of more graffiti around town. As the temperatures have warmed up, his morning bike rides have become more frequent, and so has his need to contact the city about the amount of graffiti he's been spotting.

He said he's now reporting vandalism on a daily basis.

Cohen has taken to social media, urging residents to take action to preserve the beauty of downtown and curb crime where possible.

To report graffiti, download the Bakersfield Mobile App, snap a photo, and within seconds you're done.

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