Bakersfield pulls plan to stop watering golf course

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Call it a near-casualty of the California drought.

Letters were sent from the city's water department to Rio Bravo Golf Course management and the Olcese Water District to halt irrigation shipments to the course for the rest of the year. The city owns the irrigation water, and Olcese Water District acts as a transport agency.

As news of the water cuts spread, those with homes next to the golf course were not happy. Homeowners said their property values would plunge if the course were left to dry out and die.

One homeowner said cutting the water could cause "irreversible damage."

Late Monday afternoon, however, Eyewitness News received a statement from City Manger Alan Tandy's office saying, "There is no plan to cut off the water supply to the golf course at this time."