Groups plan rally for better water in Arvin

Photo courtesy etftrends/MGN.

A rally is planned for Tuesday evening by those seeking improvements in the safety and quality of drinking water in rural and low-income communities.

The California Endowment, Rural Community Assistance Corporation, Community Water Center and others will take part in the rally from 5-6:40 p.m. at El Camino Real Elementary School in Arvin.

People in Arvin have been drinking arsenic-contaminated water for more than a decade, according to a news release from Santa Monica-based Behr Communications.

The advocates say low-income and Latino communities are hardest hit by "California's water crisis."

South Kern County communities have received some emergency relief from 71 water stations and 86 point-of-use filters that were installed at schools and community centers, according to Behr Communications. These advocates are rallying for what they see as a "comprehensive solution to the problem."