IV nutrient therapy offers a boost in a bag

Patients can relax and get a boost of nutrients in the Beautologie I.V. Therapy Lounge. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

It's a boost of vitamins, mineral and energy in one bag.

I.V. nutrient therapy is gaining popularity in Bakersfield.

Beautologie now offers the treatment in their I.V. Therapy Lounge.

"I.V. therapy is a way to give you that cocktail back that your body so desperately needs so you feel better, perform better, your stress is decreased, your energy is up and you just maintain an overall healthy lifestyle," said Dr. Milan Shah.

Shah said whether you need energy, to detox or some relief from a late night out, there is a cocktail for tailored for your needs.

I.V. nutrient therapy starts at $79. The I.V. cocktails offered include glamour, immunity, weight loss, hangover, energy, hydration and toxin elimination.

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