New workout hits the waves without water

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS NEWS) -- Is it a fad or is it the wave of the future?

A handful of people, looking to get in shape, take to their surfboards. The only thing? There's no water in sight.

Jennifer Frankel teaches a class in Washington D.C. called "surfSET." Everyone taking the class does their workouts like they would at any other gym. But there's a difference. The squats, lunges, push-ups and everything else working their core, are all done on a surfboard.

The surfboards sit on air-filled discs that simulate waves, giving everyone in the classes an unstable surface to try to stabilize using their core muscles.

"All exercise is based from the core, everything we do comes from our center," said Frankel. "It's a seriously intense workout. And they really need to bring their A game."

The developer of the class is putting together a surfSET class combining yoga aspects that will likely be called "H2ohm"