Safe Summer 2012: A day at the beach

When the heat is on, many families in Kern County head to the beach. And, if you think you know all there is about safety on the sand, this report may surprise you.

Otis Ivanic, 21 months, loves the ocean.

"Whales?" says his mother. "Yeah," responds little Otis as they walked along a Ventura beach shoreline.

And parents Jason and Torey Ivanic, of Exeter, love the ocean, too.

"With him even with the shallow waves, I'm real vigilant about watching him," says Torey Ivanic. And that is a must-do when it comes to kids.

Just how dangerous can the ocean be? More than 80 percent of ocean rescues are due to rip currents, and every year, according to the U.S. Lifesaving Association, more than 100 people drown.

Eyewitness News looks at this and other ways of staying safe at the beach this summer.