2015 report: TSA agents at Meadows Field seized throwing stars from passengers

This throwing star was confiscated from a passenger March 18, 2015, by TSA agents at Bakersfield's Meadows Field, according to a newly available government report.

Twice in 2015, Transportation Security Administration agents at Bakersfield's Meadows Field Airport confiscated a throwing star from a passenger, according to federal documents acquired Wednesday by Eyewitness News.

The first incident occurred Jan. 3 of that year and involved a student boarding a United flight that would eventually arrive at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. X-ray operators ordered a manual search of the passenger's bag and found one throwing star and two throwing knives.

TSA alerted local police, who confiscated the weapons. The passenger admitted to owning them but said he didn't realize they were still in his bag when he left for the airport.

Seeing the passenger was traveling under military orders, officials released him to board the flight.

The second incident involved a male passenger boarding a United Continental Airlines flight in March of that year to San Francisco. The passenger, whose name was redacted from the report, was eventually cleared to fly but missed his intended flight.

The weapon was discovered just before 5 a.m. during an X-ray screening and a subsequent bag search. The Hero brand "Chinese throwing star," as well as a pocket knife, was found in the passenger's carry-on luggage, according to the report. Neither object was considered to be "artfully concealed."

The passenger told authorities he'd forgotten to remove it from his bag because of the early hour and that he was not aware that it was illegal to own in California.

Officials determined the passenger was "not to be a threat to civil aviation," but forwarded a report to the Kern County District Attorney's Office, recommending charges for "possession of a shuriken."

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