3 days pass before woman learns of mother's death; nursing home blamed

{A href=""}BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Donna Castilleja is upset that she only found out about her 86-year-old mother Mary Newsom's death three days after it happened.

Castilleja didn't find out from Corinthian Gardens, the nursing home where her mother had been a resident. Instead, she was informed by her daughter via the sheriff's office.

The administrator at Corinthian Gardens tells us that the responsible party was notified about Newsom's death, who Castilleja tells us is her sister. The problem is Castilleja's sister has been at San Joaquin Hospital in ICU since the Friday before her mother passed away, and, according to Castilleja, hasn't been in contact with anyone.

Castilleja was listed as her mother's emergency contact.

When Castilleja confronted the staff at Corinthian Gardens asking why she hadn't been notified of her mother's passing, she was told they couldn't find her number. Castilleja tells us she has received calls from the nursing home within the past month on the same number she has now when they needed her to bring supplies for her mother, but they failed to call to notify her about the death.

Castilleja also says her mother was not properly cared for at the facility, telling us that she dropped around 75 pounds during her time there and was covered in sores before she died.

We were able to get very little information from Corinthian Gardens, because they said providing us with information about Newsom's condition or stating names of the parties involved would be a HIPAA violation.

The funeral home confirmed, however, that they were not able to get in contact with the next of kin with any of the numbers provided to them by Corithian Gardens.