Bakersfield businesses claim same man is ripping them off in string of petty thefts

Numerous businesses in Bakersfield, Calif., claim the same man is ripping them off in a string of petty thefts. This picture was taken of the accused man after a local barber said he refused to pay for a beard trim. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

People with numerous restaurants and barber shops in Bakersfield claim the same man is stealing from them.

The businesses are posting his picture on Facebook. Some claim he walked out without paying after getting his hair cut. Others allege he ordered food and alcohol and then attempted to leave.

Eyewitness News talked with six different businesses that confirmed the picture and name being shared is the same man who did not pay for services.

Christian Ramirez, the owner of Bakersfield Barber Shop, said after the man got his beard trimmed and would not pay, he took a picture of him.

Two of the restaurants said they called police when the man refused to pay for his food.

Police confirmed that the man was arrested in April at Yamato Sushi and Bar, and on June 2 at Amigo's Pizza for refusing to pay his bill.

Police said he was then arrested on June 9 for being drunk in public.

The man is no longer in their custody.

Ramirez said his barber shop is in the Kern County Sheriff's Office jurisdiction. The Sheriff's Office confirmed it's aware of that incident, but it said no official report was filed by the victim.

Police said they can confirm the two incidents at the restaurants because they were called to the scene, but they can not confirm the incidents at the barber shops, because no one filed a report.

Police said they need businesses to report what happened to them in order to take action.

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