Emails point to potential suspect in $19 million fraud investigation

This is an email between members of the Kern Community College District that was obtained by Eyewitness News through a California Public Records Act request.

Kern Community College District officials are considering the possibility that the multi-million dollar fraud case under investigation since February involves a former employee.

Emails between district officials obtained Monday by Eyewitness News mention the possibility that recordings exist of the perpetrator paying bills over the phone.

The email, circulated among top brass Feb. 27, says that the district spoke with a representative of Kings Credit Services, which indicated "her company is willing to share information and possibly recordings of conversations."

The credit services representative is said in the email to have told college district officials that "she believed that she has information on an employee that may be involved," based on a telephone payment that was made on Nov. 23.

In an earlier email the same day, another district staffer said that Kings Credit Services "can identify the employee that works for the district and has been giving out the checking account information."

The name of the alleged employee was not included in the email chain and the college district officials reported that they "do not find them as a current employee."

The college district declined Monday evening to comment on the emails.

"That would be a question for the feds or the District Attorney's Office," said Joe Grubbs, who represents the district. "They're handling the criminal investigation."

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