Eyewitness News keeps getting EDD questions, keeps seeking solutions

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Eyewitness News continues to investigate problems in getting information or help with unemployment and disability claims. It's an issue we started looking at last month.

Viewers say they can't get through on the Employment Development Department phone lines. They also don't get a response using the EDD website.

A spokeswoman let Eyewitness News send her information on behalf of viewers, and we sent her more than 70 viewer requests for help. Some are getting help. So far, a dozen called Eyewitness News back, saying their case was resolved. But, EDD won't let Eyewitness News send any more names, and we're still hearing from viewers.

One woman's doctor told her to call Eyewitness News for help. One man contacted us from Riverside. Another viewer says he called 303 times and only got through three times before getting disconnected.

In all, we've heard from an additional 50 people.

The last response from an EDD spokeswoman is that they apologize and hope to "quickly resolve these delays."

Eyewitness News will keep investigating and look for ways to get more response from the EDD.