Mom upset about mold in daughter's juice

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Griselda Pandura's 4-year-old old daughter was drinking a Capri Sun at a birthday party when she decided she didn't want it anymore because it tasted funny.

So, her mother decided to open up the juice pouch, finding a fungus-like substance inside. It was mold.

"It's sad," Pandura said. "It's disgusting, and I can't believe how many she drank and we may never know what's inside of it."

The juice box had an expiration date of April 2014.

"I just bought it last week," she said. "This is growing for a long time now, because it's big."

It's a big issue for Capri Sun.

On the brand's website, more than 10 of the company's "frequently asked questions" are about the mold.

Kraft Foods says the mold happens from time to time because the juice is preservative free. The company says it's more of a quality rather than a safety issue.

For one local mother, that's not a good enough answer.

"After hearing that this has happened before, why didn't you stop?" Pandura said. "Why'd you let me give this to my daughter?"

So, she's hoping by getting the word out, this won't happen to anyone else's daughter.