Street racing causes concern

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) An east Bakersfield man, Daniel Marrujo, sent Eyewitness News a video of two cars racing down a residential street.

The video shows the two cars clearly speeding well over the posted 40 mph limit.

Marrujo said that he's lived on River Boulevard for four years, and the street racing is an ongoing problem.

He said this poses a threat to the many children who use the street.

"There's a school right here up the street. It's an elementary school, and just behind that is a junior high, and every day when they get out, there's a whole bunch of kids that come walking through here," said Marrujo.

He said the street racers continue to zoom down the road, even when children are present, causing him to worry about the children's safety, including his young granddaughter.

"When she's here, we don't let her go passed the gate, we're always watching them," said Marrujo. "There's no barriers right here, so if cars go out of control they're going to go right into the kids or straight into the houses."

Sgt. Brad De Geus of the California Highway Patrol urges those who come across street racing situations to immediately notify law enforcement.

"If they can provide descriptions to dispatchers, through the phone, vehicle license numbers, number of cars that are participating, descriptions of cars, and how many people there are," said Geus, "that would be the easiest thing to do."

He also reminds street racers that what they're doing is illegal and comes with many serious consequences.

"First of all, it's a safety issue, and if someone is involved in a collision because they're participating in street racing activities, if they're stopped and we catch them, their vehicle could be impounded for up to 30 days," said Geus. "They can be arrested."

Marrujo said he always contacts law enforcement as soon as he sees or hears the racing going on. But, sometimes it is too late for officers to catch the street racers in the act, so now he tries to get it on camera in hopes of getting the speeders to stop.

He hopes that the city will decide to put up stop signs to possibly slow people down.