5 endangered Peninsular pronghorns born at LA Zoo

LOS ANGELES (AP) There are some new, small faces at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Zoo officials say among the most notable of this year's births is the arrival of five extremely endangered Peninsular pronghorn babies earlier this month. Three mothers delivered the two males and three females between April 3-9.

The speedy species that looks something like an antelope is native to the deserts of Mexico's Baja California and fewer than 50 survive in the wild.

The zoo also says it has a male Sichuan takin (TAH'-kin) kid born in January. It's a hoofed animal that resembles a goat and antelope. Other births include a generuk and a black duiker (DY'-kur) which are types of antelopes and a Coquerel's sifaka (sih-FA'-kuh), which is a variety of lemur.