Arvin City Council mum on future of police chief Tommy Tunson

ARVIN, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Supporters of Arvin Police Chief Tommy Tunson turned out for a second time in less than a month and gave the city council an earful of why Tunson should be retained.

"The chief has been a great benefit to the community of Arvin," said Chris Krauter, superintendent of Arvin-Edison Water District.

Others echoed similar comments. But, this time there were critics who publicly spoke out, including three officers who turned out to speak out against their boss.

"Chief Tunson has not taken responsibility for his actions or the actions of his subordinates," said Sgt. Jerry Martinez. "Chief easily blames (others) when in fact the chief is responsible for the actions of everyone who is underneath him."

Arvin Police Officers Association President Ryan Calderon claimed Tunson has refused to address numerous concerns raised by officers. Those concerns were sent in two different letters to Tunson as far back as two years ago. Last December, 14 officers signed a vote of no-confidence in Tunson.

"We've been having a lot of issues, officers being mistreated. We've had policies that have been made that weren't well thought out and have lowered officer safety and public safety. And when these issues were brought up, nothing came out of the concerns," said Calderon.

Lt. Olan Armstrong, however, believes those behind the accusations have ulterior motives.

"We've got a couple of people in the department that wants (sic) to take over, and this is their way of doing it," said Armstrong.

After hearing the public comments, the City Council then discussed the issue in closed session. It's unclear why the Council took up the issue again. Many thought the matter had been settled in May when the Council met in closed session and took no reportable action, which is what happened for a second time Tuesday evening.