Attack and kidnapping: Family recounts night of terror

{A href=""}BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) After a night of terror, one family in east Bakersfield said they won't feel safe in their own house for a long time.

Trinidad Duran had friends and family over on Wednesday to help her recover from an attack the previous night.

Police said a group of men carrying baseball bats and at least one gun entered Duran's house Tuesday evening. The men beat two people inside before kidnapping Duran's 4-year-old son.

Police rescued the son, but Breanna Cervantes said the mom - who has her own criminal past with a record that includes extortion and financial fraud - is still terrified.

"She's, like, frightened," Cervantes said Wednesday. "She's in shock. She doesn't know what to do, what to think."

At the center of the alleged group of the attackers was the father, who police said has not been caught. Police said he was the one who kidnapped the son. As for the 4-year-old, Cervantes said the child is having trouble understanding what happened.

"He was scared," Cervantes said. "Like, really scared. He's young, doesn't know what's going on, and he's seen these guys, and, of course, his mom ... hurt."

The family said they are not sure what spurred this attack. Police said the exact motive is still under investigation but have reason to believe the attack was gang-related.

Lee Alvarez, an uncle of a victim who was attacked, said he understands how dangerous gang-life is because he used to live it. He said he is concerned not only for his family but for the future of the alleged attackers.

"I'm serving God now, and I just prayed on and prayed on to let them not be too injured and touch these men, these young men that hurt him and touch all these guys that are gangbangers from hurting each other," Alvarez said. "They need to stop hurting each other."

Police have four suspects in custody: Alex Rodriguez, Francisco Saul Guerrero-Rodelia, and Abraham Rodriguez. The fourth suspect is under 18.

The four are scheduled to be arraigned Thursday on charges that include attempted murder, kidnapping and assault with a firearm.