Attempted murder suspect released from jail, claims self-defense

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - A Taft woman initially arrested on suspicion of attempted murder is set to be released from the Kern County Jail on Monday night.

Savannah Cox, 27, spoke exclusively with Eyewitness News this weekend. She said she's innocent.

"I would never do this," said Cox. "This is not me, the way they're making me look like an animal is not who I am."

It all started Friday, when Cox's boyfriend, John Gomez, got into a fight with his brother.

Gomez said his brother had been drinking and was upset that Gomez did not give him a ride.

Things escalated when Gomez's brother arrived at his house.

"We started fighting, Savannah comes out, she's trying to get him off of me, he grabs her by the hair and throws her down, he gets on top of her, I grab him off, we go back down to the ground, I thought I hit his head on the concrete," said Gomez. "I reached up and grabbed his head, and I felt all kinds of blood."

He barely remembers the moment police said Cox hit the brother with a wrench.

"From what I'm told, Savannah came out and tried to get him off me, and hit him in the head," said Gomez. "I'm told (she used) a wrench."

Cox said she was just trying to protect him.

"That doesn't make sense to me. You can't stick up for yourself when you're getting your hair ripped out and slung around like a rag doll on the sidewalk?" she said.

She said she feels her rights were violated

"They didn't take pictures of me. I mean, it was pretty much like, 'Just take her away,'" she said.

She fears the future.

"I really am scared. I'm really scared. I'm only 27. I don't deserve this. I really didn't do anything. He attacked us, that's why I just don't understand," she said.

Cox said it's Gomez's brother who should be behind bars.

The Kern County District Attorney's Office did not press charges on Monday.