Attorney suing Kern County school district over teacher sex case

CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) New evidence may suggest more students may have been molested by convicted sexual molester, former California City High teacher Amber Failla, according to an attorney whose two clients were plaintiffs in the original case.

Attorney Brian Claypool announced he has opened a civil lawsuit against the Mojave Unified School District based on the evidence he received during a deposition with a California City police sergeant on Thursday.

"We, in fact, have a report with us today that was prepared by investigators from the school district and they have mentioned that there are at least five kids who had sexual relationships with Amber Failla at California City High School," Claypool said. "We want those victims out there to know that they have rights and they have been violated and that they should too come forward."

Some of the new evidence includes nude images of Failla with a female student, as well as love letters from students suggesting a sexual relationship found in Failla's desk, Claypool said.

"Mojave Unified School District should've detected that Amber Failla was a sexual predator way in advance of these boys being sexually assaulted by her," he said. "They did nothing to investigate her.

"There were clearly red flags that this teacher Amber Failla was a child predator and a sexual predator," Claypool added.

Failla pleaded no contest in 2012 to sexually molesting a student, as part of plea deal that saw other charges dropped.

The former teacher was sentenced last year to three years probation.

"Why hasn't the Kern County District Attorney's office revisited additional counts of sexual molestation by Amber Failla against the female student and against at least two other boys?" Claypool said. "Why was there a quick plea bargain and very little jail time for Amber Failla? She spent four days in jail for sexual molestation on two boys."

The Mojave Unified School District was not immediately available for comment.