Bakersfield SPCA posts photo of alleged thief

A screenshot from Facebook shows a Bakersfield SPCA post about an alleged thief. The SPCA says money was stolen from a vending machine, and some of that money would've helped the shelter animals.

The Bakersfield SPCA claims someone stole money from a vending machine at its facility, depriving the shelter animals in the process.

The theft took place Wednesday afternoon. Thursday, the SPCA posted a surveillance photo on Facebook of the suspect and said he used a tool to pop a lock on a Coca-Cola vending machine.

Coca-Cola gives the SPCA a percentage of monthly sales, so the SPCA said stealing this money is equal to "stealing from the mouths of homeless and abandoned animals!"

The SPCA said it filed a report with the Kern County Sheriff's Office.

The SPCA said it wanted to alert to community to this "low and despicable act" and asked anyone who recognizes the suspect to call the Sheriff's Office at (661) 861-3110.

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