Bakersfield welcomes new professional baseball team

The Train Robbers, part of the Pecos Independent Professional Baseball League, announced they'll play at Sam Lynn Ballpark in Bakersfield, Calif., for the 2017 season. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

Many hearts were broken after the Bakersfield Blaze baseball team left the city in 2016. For many fans, such as Jennifer and Sean Johnson, saying goodbye to their team was difficult.

During The Blaze’s last game, Sean Johnson started a chant that echoed throughout the Sam Lynn Ballpark. Dozens of people got up from their seats and shouted, “One more game, one more game.” Unfortunately, it was the Blaze’s last game, and fans were left without a professional baseball team to call their own.

That is, until now.

Bakersfield is welcoming a new independent professional baseball team. They are called the Train Robbers, joined by “Robby” their mascot. The Train Robbers are a part of the Pecos Independent Professional Baseball League.

The team will play in cities in desert mountain regions throughout California, New Mexico, Kansas, West Texas and Southern Colorado. The teams in the Pecos league will play in cities that do not have major or minor league baseball teams.

“There would have been a void in the High Desert and in Bakersfield had we not been given this opportunity,” said Pecos League Commissioner Andre Dunn. “We are glad to fill the void.”

The season begins May 25 and will wrap up on July 28.

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