BBB: 'One Ring' scam preys on curious people

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) The Better Business Bureau issued a warning against a scam targeting cellphones.

Bakersfield BBB manager Connie Alarcon said the "One Ring" scam preys on the curious.

"They're just ringing you, hanging up, and expecting you to be curious enough to call back," Alarcon said.

Call back, and face a hefty fee.

Alarcon estimated victims are charged a $19.95 one-time fee, and an additional $9.95 per minute.

Complaints have been filed with BBB branches across the country, but no victims have been reported in Kern County.

Alarcon's best advice is to be skeptical of any number you don't recognize.

"Use some common sense, and just (say), 'I didn't call this number, I don't recognize the phone number, I'm not going to call back.'"