BPD: Sexual assault on bike path didn't happen

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - Police said a reported sexual assault was fabricated, and now they're conferring with the District Attorney's Office about possibly charging the woman for filing a false police report.

A woman told officers she was raped on the bike path Wednesday night near the 500 block of South Allen Road. Police conducted a yard-to-yard search for her attacker and used an alert system to contact people who live in the area. Police also alerted the media of the reported attack.

Police said detectives developed the belief that the report was unfounded.

"There were inconsistencies in her statement, and then ultimately she admitted," said police Sgt. Joe Grubbs. "This was made up, there wasn't even a suspect, there was nothing at all that happened."

Police said a great deal of resources, including the time and effort of 30 patrol officers, were wasted on the false report.

"Thirty patrol and special enforcement unit officers, two canine units, three patrol sergeants, two investigation sergeants, two detectives, a police service technician, we had an off-road vehicle that we use in the river bottom, we got that out there," said Grubbs. "That is a large percentage of the officers that we had available on that evening."

If charged, the woman could possibly face paying the cost that it took to send out all of the resources.

"That would be up to the district attorney's office and the court system on whatever penalties they deem fit," said Grubbs.

Still, police encouraged all victims of rape to immediately contact them so the investigation can launch as soon as possible.